Uniglo Price Prediction Report: HODLers Rewarded Before Oct DeFi Project Launch

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In recent weeks, Uniglo’s token price has surged, rewarding investors who held onto their tokens during the recent market crash. In order for Uniglo to rival successful projects like Polygon and ApeCoin, investors are betting that its price will surge. Almost immediately after the launch of MATIC and APE, both projects have seen their prices rise dramatically, and there’s an exfellent chance that Uniglo will also be able to deliver on its promises.

Investors who held on to their Uniglo tokens during the recent market crash are now rewarded as the token’s price has surged over the last few weeks.

This price surge comes as investors bet that Uniglo will follow in the footsteps of other successful DeFi projects like Polygon and ApeCoin. Both of these projects have seen their prices increase by a huge amount since their initial launch into the market.

With Uniglo’s strong team, experienced advisors, and solid business model, there is a good chance that the project will be able to deliver on its promises. This could lead to a situation where the price of GLO tokens could skyrocket in the coming months.

Polygon (MATIC) and ApeCoin (APE)

The MATIC price is presently auctioned at $0.86. Following a 195% surge, the smart contract token has been in a sideways congested zone during the summer. The price activity shows that MATIC is forming a triangle. If the triangle thesis is true, a closing candle over $1.03 might trigger a 50% rally to $1.30 before the end of the year.

While several altcoins are battling to push higher, ApeCoin’s price has been on a huge climb. The recent surge in APE follows its breakout from a bullish setup. This rally could stretch a little higher, filling the upside imbalance.

Between mid-August and early September, the ApeCoin price created three lower lows and two lower highs, forming a falling wedge pattern. Despite the fact that the setup predicted an 11% increase to $5.12, APE surged on September 9 and rallied around 30% in the next three days or less.

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is a new entrant in the decentralized finance field, introducing the most recent iteration of social currencies. Its native token, GLO, is supported by a diverse portfolio of assets, including cryptocurrencies and digitized tangible collectibles such as art, fine wine, and high-end watches.

This ‘asset vault’ serves two purposes: first, the assets support the GLO token’s price movement, and second, the asset mix drives the desire for participation in the Uniglo community. The initiative was created to capitalize on long-term wealth accumulation potential while simultaneously profiting from speculative growth.

Uniglo will go public on October 18th. At the rate at which the price of its GLO token rises, Uniglo could easily become one of the market’s top-performing cryptocurrencies and remain so in the long run.

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