Crypto Payment Solutions For SMEs | P2P Service With Training Materials Launched

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With over 100 million people in the US now holding some form of cryptocurrency, the latest move provides a way for businesses to leverage this expanding market. ‘My Crypto Merchant’ enables small businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors for a monthly fee.

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As part of the update, ‘My Crypto Merchant’ provides educational materials for each new user – offering practical tips on how to manage cryptocurrency. This reduces friction in the onboarding process and makes the service more suitable for small business owners without crypto knowledge or experience.

By accepting cryptocurrency, businesses are able to broaden their customer base to include individuals who prefer to use digital currency for their transactions. This increases the potential reach of a business while also attracting customers who value the security and privacy features of cryptocurrency, ‘My Crypto Merchant’ explains.

With the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, businesses who accept payments now will establish themselves as industry leaders, adds ‘My Crypto Merchant’. Accepting cryptocurrency shows that a business is progressive and in tune with current trends, which can also increase brand loyalty among customers who are invested in the growth and development of cryptocurrency. Read more about Best Practices for accepting cryptocurrency.

‘My Crypto Merchant’ provides an affordable way for businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments. The company explains that there is no software to learn or changes to make to a client’s current business practices. This means users can continue to operate as usual while accepting payments in over 175 cryptocurrencies.

The platform places no cap on the number of transactions it offers, making it easier for business owners to get started and expand their payment options. Through the implementation of crypto payments, users can reduce transaction fees and chargebacks, while also attracting new customers.

A spokesperson states: “Our revolutionary payment service allows you to receive crypto payments in a safe, secure, and easy-to-use platform. Our peer-to-peer service eliminates transaction fees, giving you a cost-effective way to process payments while also opening new marketing opportunities.”

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